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New Battery Articles

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The information provided on this website is based on the best knowledge of the author at time of publishing. The content of Batteries in a Portable World (second edition) is available in its entirety; battery topics of interest are summarized in short articles for the enjoyment of the reader.


• How To Use Our Battery Charger?
This article tells about how to use a battery charger. By this article, we could learn that how to change the charger plate, check the charging status and so on.

• How to Charge a Lithium Ion Battery?
This article tells about how to charge a Lithium Ion battery.

• How do I Choose the Correct Laptop Adapter?
Choosing the correct laptop adapter is all a matter of voltage, output power, and proper connection. If all of these things do not match the original specifications of your computer, than a new laptop adapter will likely not work on your machine and may potentially cause a lot of damage...

• Battery Charger - a Necessity to Save Money
Every model of the camera has different types of batteries. Resultant, battery charger should also be selected matching with the camera model and batteries. A wrong selection of battery charger can burst the batteries and will increase your expenses almost double by enforcing you to buy new pair of batteries. You need to take care of your battery charger well as in case of lost you will need to go on a hunt in market for the new matching battery charger...

• The Power Outside - External Laptop Battery Charger
This article will look at a few considerations that need to be borne in mind when buying this extremely useful laptop accessory.

• Why Notebook Batteries Explode?
If a battery is contaminated, however, a short circuit or increase in temperature can cause "thermal runaway," a situation in which an increase in temperature causes a further increase in temperature and ultimately a destructive result. Because lithium-ion batteries are sealed systems and this heat energy must somehow escape, an explosion can result.

• How Battery Testers Work?
Battery testers use two types of special inks: thermochromic and conductive ...

• What To Consider When Buying A Drill?
With Cord or Without? This is the first important decision to make. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each type of drill ...

• Battery prices are likely to fall
According to Digitimes there is an oversupply of laptop batteries out there and prices are falling as a result...

• Battery recycling: free and easy
Household batteries, which contain toxic metals like mercury, lead and cadmium, are now being collected for recycling under the first government-sponsored program in North America.

• New Year Comes With New Battery Recycling Laws for U.K.
When the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. in the U.K. on Dec. 31, manufacturers of automotive and industrial batteries in the U.K. will become responsible to arrange the collection, treatment and recycling of such batteries, free of charge, if requested by business end-users and final holders. The new regulations will also require battery manufacturers to register as battery makers and to report on waste batteries collected and sent for recycling.

• Significant Step Toward Lightweight Batteries
A team of researchers at MIT has made significant progress on a technology that could lead to batteries with up to three times the energy density of any battery that currently exists.

• Lithium-Air Batteries Could Displace Gasoline in Future Cars
Li-air batteries use a catalytic air cathode that supplies oxygen, an electrolyte and a lithium anode. The technology has the potential to store almost as much energy as a tank of gasoline, and will have a capacity for energy storage that is five to 10 times greater than that of Li-ion batteries, a bridge technology.

• What's the perfect battery?
The article evaluates the advantages and limitations of rechargeable batteries and suggests the best choice for specific applications. The batteries are not only scrutinized in terms of energy density but also on longevity, load characteristics, maintenance requirements, self-discharge and operational costs.

• The Li-Polymer battery: substance of hype?
In this article the reader learns the difference between the classic Li-ion and the polymer version in terms of packaging and energy-to-cost ratio. It explains the position the Li-ion polymer battery holds in a market that demands ultra-slim geometry.

• Is the 'smart' battery help or deterrent?
The article evaluates the benefits and limitations of the 'smart' battery and discusses methods of measuring the state-of-charge and state-of-health. The reader is introduced to the SMBus and learns about charging methods and calibration.

• Can laptop batteries be repaired?
Laptop batteries differ from other battery types in higher cost, unusual terminal configurations and limited service life. This article examines why these batteries do not last as long as other packs and looks at testing, calibration and cell .

• Memory: myth or fact?
There is a misconception about the word 'memory'. The phenomenon is still an issue with nickel-based batteries and the reader learns how to minimize the effects to prolong battery life. The article concludes with three case studies involving memory.

• Getting the most of your batteries
Examines proper charging, storage and maintenance methods. The article describes restoration techniques, looks at recovery yields and suggests suitable equipment to service the batteries

• The changing demands of modern battery testers
"The changing demands of modern battery testers" explains the causes of battery failures and short runtimes. The article describes quick testing and methods to re-energize packs that have failed due to low discharge. You will learn how to connect batteries to the analyzer.

• Recycling your battery
The article emphasizes the importance of recycling environmentally unfriendly batteries. The article looks at the economics of recycling, discusses different techniques and evaluates recycling activities overseas.

•Low-power screens could raise laptop battery life to 20-40 hours
Display screen technology developer Mary Lou Jepsen is working at her new start-up to create laptop PCs so energy efficient they'll be able to run on a standard laptop battery for 20 to 40 hours before needing a recharge.

•Approaches To Prolong Your Netbook's Battery Life
Though great gadgets, laptops quickly lose their charm when you've to continuously search for a power point to top up its battery. How can you extend your battery for a still longer time? We may suggest you 10 simple ways to do so.

•How to Prolong Laptop Battery Life
There are several simple ways you can prolong the battery life on your notebook. From making sure you charge the computer correctly to changing settings on your notebook, you can make the battery life of your computer last a significant period of time while you are on the go. By taking these steps, you'll be able to stop relying on the charger, and take your work to do on your notebook with you.

•5 tips to save the HTC Desire HD battery
The HTC Desire HD may be the apple of everyone's eye, but its battery life leaves something to be desired. Here are practical tips for squeezing more time out of your device.

•How to Check Laptop Computer Battery Life
One of the worst things that can happen while working on a laptop is to have your battery die mid-project. To avoid this, it's good to know how much life your battery has left in it. Most laptop computers offer a couple of ways to do this, and there are several free downloads that will put a large battery-life monitor on your screen, meaning you'll never be caught with a dead battery unexpectedly again.

•How to Buy a New Computer Battery for Your Laptop
The primary advantage of a laptop is that it allows the user to bring her computer with her wherever she goes, possibly bringing Internet access as well. However, as computers become more compact and faster, one thing seems to stay constant.

•How to Replace the Internal Battery in a Laptop Computer
Every laptop computer has at least two batteries--a removable one that you charge through a power supply and then discharge when your laptop is in use without being plugged into a power supply, and one attached to the laptop motherboard that maintains the CMOS settings when your laptop is not connected to any power supply and is turned off.

Note: These publications may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures. All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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